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Lets Do This Together

Today I have the beginning of a new life where I have been blessed with the skills to make a difference to others. If you are sitting at home and thinking that you can’t lose the weight, that you can’t change your life.😎😎😎😎 I am standing before you to say you can. To prove you wrong and to prove that it is only your thinking that is now holding you back . If you would like to learn from me and walk by my side and allow me to be your support then I am here for you. πŸ‘ Send me a message and lets get you on a program that will change your life as it did mine. I have a few secrets about how I did it and I am prepared to share. Let’s do this together…😁😁😁😁😁

How Ph@tt Saved My Life

Thomas and Phatt Founders Terri McClure and Sam Long

The October of 2017 was when My life changed.

I made the huge step of telling my family that I was gay.

Their  love and acceptance of me made me realise that my life was worth living and I knew I had to make some big changes. I wanted a different life.

I was trapped by my body. A trap I had created for myself. I wanted to be free.

I had let myself down, I had let my body done. How was I going to change my life whilst I was lugging around probably 300 kg of extra weight?

My family and I moved into a new house and I started looking into weight-loss programs. I had tried them all before, nothing had ever worked but i was determined that this time with the right plan and the right head space I would succeed.

For the first time I started talking to people about dieting and one of my Aunties gave the name of a lady who was a mentor for Ph@tt, the Putting Health At The Top gut healing program.

I was added to the Healthy Living support group. I spent a few days reading people’s story’s of amazing weight loss experiences. Of people, who were just like me, joining this program and changing their lives.

But could I actually change my life too? Everything I had ever done in my life had been a failure. I was filled with doubts.

Behind my doubts was this overwhelming need to save my life. My need for change.

My need for good health and happiness.

My sister agreed to buy the first lot of supplements and together we studied the program. It was different to any other diet I had ever seen, or tried. It wasn’t about starving, or shakes or herbal teas. It was simple, easy to understand and lots of good, healthy food.

As I waited for my products to arrive I took some time out for myself to find my why.

Why did I want this? Why did I need to lose weight? Why did I want change?

I decided that this was it. I was going to do this. I was going to win.

I was going to escape the chains of my body and give my body what it deserved.

I knew then my mindset was right and I was going to win.

I started ph@tt on the 3/12/2017, I didn’t know my exact weight.

I knew I was over 300 kg, that’s as high as the scales went.

Straight away I started to feel better, the weight fell off me.

My poor body wanted this as much as I did and was more than ready to shed the fat.

I could not believe how easy it was. From day one I had no problems at all, except for my pants falling down.

Today I have lost over 150 kg and I feel fantastic.

I walk every day and I have met so many wonderful people. My new ph@tt family.

The day I came out as gay changed my life and this program has made all the difference.

I know who I am. I no longer hide behind layers of fat. I have self-worth in all areas of my life. I have value.

If you are also trapped in you body please know that with the right mindset and ph@tt you can also be free.

Believe in yourself, find you why and be free

Thomas Teneti weight loss