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Thomas Teneti used food to cope

This is a extract from a article in the New Zealand Herald. Thomas story has touched the hearts of many and was published all over the world.

A Kiwi man attempting to eat himself to death has lost over 100kg in five months after confessing a long-kept secret to his nephew, whose words changed his life forever.

Originally from the town of Rangitukia on the East Coast, Thomas Teneti took to consuming excessive amounts of calories every day in an effort to end his life, all the while harbouring a secret he decided he would rather die over than reveal to his family.

The 43-year-old, who at his heaviest weighed 300kg, was afraid of how his family would react if they knew he was gay. Tormented by the thought of their disappointed faces, he had decided he “wanted to end [his] life instead of having to come out to family. Some people do it with a rope or a gun. I used food.

“To me that was easier than seeing the disappointment on their faces,” Teneti told the Herald.

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